Distance Learning

HCG personnel have more than 10 years of experience in the development, production, marketing, and evaluation of a variety of distance learning programs.

Our distance learning services begin with conducting the appropriate needs assessment, developing print-based materials (if appropriate), pilot testing, and securing appropriate production facilities and talent. Evaluation methods include pre- and post-testing as well as long-term follow-up assessment to determine what impact the training has on job performance. HCG typically partners with highly qualified instructional design professionals to assure the expertise required is tailored to our clients needs (e.g., web-based, satellite broadcasts, web-casts, print-based). The following are just a few of HCG's distance learning projects:

  • Working with colleagues at UAB, a state health department, and a federal agency, HCG personnel helped develop, market, and evaluate a series of five print-based, self-study modules. Targeted to health department outreach and other workers, each module was complemented with a live, interactive satellite broadcast to explain and demonstrate critical path information. More than 2,700 target audience participants completed all five modules successfully. This training program also received the International Society for Improving Human Performance Outstanding Instructional Product or Intervention Award.