Research Services

Health Consulting Group, Inc. (HCG) offers a range of research services tailored to meet client needs. These services can range from a basic literature review and summary to designing and conducting multi-year and multi-site studies. For public health related projects we specialize in training,

educational, and service needs assessments; program and intervention evaluations; feasibility studies, planning and management analyses; as well as formative research targeted to development of social marketing and/or health communications programs.

We have many years of experience in the design, application, and analysis of both quantitative and qualitative methodological approaches. Quantitative research includes design, administration, and analysis of mailed surveys as well as surveys conducted via telephone and encounter interviews. In conducting random digit dial and other telephone survey studies, HCG typically partners with colleagues in a School of Public Health Survey Research Center. This allows large studies to be conducted using a cost-effective and scientifically rigorous approach.

Similarly, HCG has in-depth experience in the design, administration, and analysis of studies that rely on the collection of qualitative data. The approaches include planning, and conducting focus groups and structured discussion groups as well as analysis of outcomes.

Data management and reporting requirements are tailored to client and study needs. Through well established partnerships with leading biostatisticians, HCG provides clients access to highly qualified and experienced researchers who provide consultative input with respect to appropriate analytical techniques and methods and provide stringent protocols related to quality assurance in data collection, analysis, and management.