Strategic Planning

Services provided by HCG can encompass all or components of the strategic planning process including: conducting an environmental scan and situational analysis; developing or refining an organization's vision, mission, and goals; identifying strategic issues, determining operational priorities, and/or developing objectives, timelines, and action plans with evaluation measures to assure achievement of those objectives.

The following examples illustrate strategic planning services carried out with public health and related organizations in recent years:

  • A network of public health and managed care professionals responsible for development and management of state and local registries formed a work group to explore the feasibility of incorporating as a professional association. Supported by federal and other funding, the group contracted with HCG to: design and conduct a feasibility study demonstrating the need and support for an association; analyze and present the advantages and disadvantages of three organizational models to be considered for incorporation and for meeting organizational goals; review and recommend revisions of draft by-laws, mission/vision statements, and goals; develop a one-year plan of action and estimate resources required to establish a national office after incorporation; and, provide a detailed strategic planning process that would be carried out to develop and implement longer term objectives.