Training and Education

HCG has a successful track record in the development, implementation, and evaluation of education and training programs targeted to public health workers as well as personnel employed in community-based prevention programs.

Our scope of services includes: designing, conducting, and analyzing needs assessments; conducting feasibility studies; using assessment and feasibility study data to design the most appropriate educational content, learning environment, format, and delivery modality (e.g., traditional classroom, distance learning, e-learning, etc); and process, formative, outcome, and impact evaluation. The following are examples of education and training related HCG projects:

  • Through a federally sponsored cooperative agreement, HCG has collaborated with colleagues at the Association of Schools of Public and the University of South Carolina School of Public Health to conduct national training needs assessments of HIV prevention personnel working in community-based IHPL.orgorganizations. Based on the results of the assessments, the project partners have designed, implemented, and evaluated a comprehensive training program in the principles of public health prevention and strategic planning and management targeted to CBO personnel. To learn more about this program click on the logo for the CDC/ASPH Institute for HIV Prevention Leadership.