Training and Education, continued


  • IHPL.orgWorking in collaboration with colleagues at the School of Public Health at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB), HCG personnel played a lead role in the development and publication of a trainer's guide to developing TB prevention and control training programs targeted to health care workers and other decision makers in public health, managed care organizations, correctional facilities, congregate living facilities, and a variety of other clinics and programs. A training program was also developed and delivered for TB program personnel on how to effectively use the guide.
  • A division of a federal agency contracted with HCG to develop and conduct a training needs assessment of panel physicians in eight countries responsible for TB screening of immigration applicants to the U.S. Assessments were conducted in China, Dominican Republic, Ethiopia, Haiti, Mexico, Nigeria, Philippines, and Vietnam. HCG achieved an overall response of 74% from the assessments.